Archaeobotany resources


International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany

International Workshop for African Archaeobotany

Association for Environmental Archaeology


Ancient Food and Farming – Meriel McClatchie

Ancient Malt  Ale – Merryn Dineley

Archaeobotany Archive – Penny Johnston

The Archaeobotanist – Dorian Fuller

Chemistry and Archaeology…how does that work? – Amy Styring

Farming Unearthed – Mark McKerracher

Kew Economic Botany Blog

Not Just Dormice – Food For Thought – Zena Kamash, Lisa Lodwick, Erica Rowan, Dan Stansbie

The Phyto-post – Hayley McParland



Archaeobotanical Computer Database for the British Isles – University of York

Environmental Archaeology Bibliography – University of York

Integrated Archaeobotanical Research Project – University of Sheffield

Paleobot  – online identification web resource

STAPLE – Group for the Study of Ancient wild Plant Economy

WikiArc – list of online palaeoecological reference collections



MSc Archaeological science – University of Durham (option in Plants and People). Archaeobotanist: Dr Michael Church

MSc Archaeology  – Universiteit Leiden (Specialisation: Bioarchaeology and Material Culture, focus on palaeoecology)

MA (by research) – University of Nottingham (options in archaeobotany). Archaeobotanist: Dr Alex Livarda

MSt/MPhil Environmental Archaeology – University of Oxford (environmental archaeology, archaeobotany). Archaeobotanist: Prof Mark Robinson, Dr Amy Bogaard, Dr Mike Charles

MSc Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy – University of Sheffield (Archaeobotany module). Archaeobotanist: Prof Glynis Jones)

MSc Environmental Archaeology – UCL – (archaeobotany, geoarchaeology, zooarchaeology). Archaeobotanists: Prof Dorian Fuller, Dr Michèle Wollstonecroft

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