Conferences, Talks etc.


Cereal farming in Roman Britain: new approaches. Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: New perspectives on the medieval ‘agricultural revolution’. Virtual Conference. 7th-8th December 2020. Free registration.


The economic organisation of cereal production in Britannia: new evidence from crop stable isotope analysis and grain-drying ovens. Frontier Economies in the Roman Empire. All Souls College, Oxford. 18-19th September 2019

Publishing Power. Session at TAG 2019, UCL co-organised with Zena Kamash. Monday 16 – Wednesday 18 December 2019


The organisation of cereal production in Britannia: corn-drying ovens as evidence for agricultural integration. In panel 3.15: Villas, peasant agriculture, and the Roman rural economy. Friday 25th May pm. AIAC 2018, Cologne/Bonn.

After the PhD: planning for a career in Archaeology Tuesday 13th March 2018. GAO 2018, Oxford.


Lodwick, L. The use of evergreen plants for ritual and ornamental purposes in Roman Britain, at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, Maastricht, 30th August – 3rd September 2017.

Lodwick, L. Seeing the plants from the seeds: a review of visualising archaeobotany from the late 19th century to today, in New Directions in Data Visualisation in Environmental Archaeology. AEA Spring Conference 2017, University of Leicester, Saturday 29th April 2017.

Lodwick, L. Sensory approaches to new evergreen trees in Roman Britain, in the session Experiencing Britannia: Sensory Approaches in a Colonial Context. Classical Association 2017, University of Kent, Friday 28th April 2017.

Lodwick, L., Gardner, A., Derrick, T. Tracking diversity in TRAC. 27th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Durham University, 28th-31st March 2017.